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Picture of Video TapeAdult Circumcision Video

A unique educational video showing the medical circumcision of a 23 year old British male by the forceps guided method under local anaesthetic.

The patient requested a circumcision because he suffered from frenulum breve (a short frenulum) which was both painful and distorted the glans when erect.

The video, which runs for approx an hour and a half, shows the uncircumcised penis the day before the operation and the whole operation from preparation, through local anaesthesia and the actual circumcision, to finally bandaged. It continues with views of the penis as it healed.

Recorded on a standard VHS cassette, the actual product is unlabelled to allow your own discretion on labelling.

Two versions are available to suit the different video standards in North America and most of the rest of the world.

The PAL version for use in the UK, Europe, and most places outside North America should be ordered on the Sterling order form or the Euro order form (Order Code: ACV-PAL).

An NTSC version for North America is available ONLY direct from our North American distributor. Payment is to be in US Dollars only and the price is $24.95 inclusive of post and packing.

NTSC version orders must be accompanied by the payment in the form of: (a) a check, payable to Joe Sch, drawn on a US Bank or (b) a Money Order or (c) US bank notes. They should be sent to: Joe's Cyberlink, PO Box 324, Morrisville, NC 27560-0324, United States of America.